Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teriyaki Pepper Chicken

We saw this on tv and didn't know what in the world it was but decided to try to wing it. This is what we've came up with and it is delish!

We usually make it for two so adapt it for however many people you're feeding.

chicken (Tim and I usually both eat 1.5 pieces)
jalapeno, diced very tiny
onion, if you like it, diced very small
cheddar cheese
bacon, 2 strips per chicken
teriyaki sauce
a grill

Pound chicken out flat so it's nice and thin.
Mix cheese with peppers and onions and put a pile on top of the chicken.
Roll the chicken around the cheese mix and while holding wrap tight with bacon.
Brush teriyaki on and place on low heat on grill.
Brush more sauce on as it cooks.
Cook until chicken is done throughout.

Best served with rice.